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Mullett Board Okays Plan for Streetscape


MULLETT TOWNSHIP — The Mullett Township Board of Trustees gave its first stamp of approval to move forward on the proposed streetscape project Monday night.

By a 4-0 vote, the township has directed WadeTrim of Gaylord to proceed with developing a combined conceptual plan with added design elements, preliminary engineering and landscape architecture, storm sewer design and detailed and itemized cost estimating for the project.

The action approved by the board will cost $33,600.

The streetscape will improve the center of the village in Topinabee and will include a pedestrian friendly sidewalk system, organized parking, relocation of existing overhead wires and removal of power poles along M-27. The project would be between Beeson Street to just south of Topinabee Mailing Route Road.

“We want to finalize so we can get going on the streetscape plan,” said Township Clerk Rachel Osborne. “The board has to say yea or nay on the final adjustments.”

Those adjustments included the addition of two bump outs and the addition of a concrete slab near the pavilion.

With storm sewers being a part of the design, Osborne informed the board of a new SAW grant that has just been developed.

The Stormwater, Asset Management, and Wastewater (SAW) grant has just been developed by the state.

“The SAW grant is a brand new grant that just came out in the last couple weeks,” she said. “I would like to get this solidified and get it going and get this started.”

Supervisor Mary Ann Gale said it is time to start moving forward as well.

“My thought is to go forward on this proposal,” she said. Trustee Dennis Dombroski added, “I think we might as well develop it to some point and see where we end up in the grant competition.”

The township will try to get the project funded through not only the SAW grant, but the Transportation Alternatives Program grant program.